Fashion Trends 2017


The first sun rays last week were reason enough
to browse my magazines and my favorite online
shops in search of the latest trends for the spring season.

The first sun rays last week were reason enough to browse my magazines and my favorite online shops in search of the latest trends for the spring season. Just in time for the beginning of spring today. I have put together a little wish list with my favorite pieces, which your wardrobe must definitely not miss.



This trend proves that underwear can—and should—definitely be reconsidered as outerwear. Why wearing beautiful lace bras and bustier tops underneath the shirt where no one can see them? This summer we simply switch the order: Shirt first, bra second!


Sneakers, Mules and Slippers

Flats, heels, sporty or elegant. From mules to sippers and sneakers. This summer there is something for everyone. Mules and slippers are perfect for hot summer days. Combine them with loose trousers like Marlene trousers or romantic summer dresses. Break in style is allowed – and requested. And for all of you, who just can’t get used to heels: comfort is – once again – written in capital letters. So you can’t go wrong with a new pair of sneakers – but this year with patches and studs. We want to get some variety into our shoe shelf after all. And here, too, combine them just as the fancy takes you!

The 80s are back

Tops, bottoms or accessories. This summer everything reminds us of the 80s. Dig out your parents’ photos and get inspired. Trousers are worn in loose fit like Marlene or palazzo trousers and culottes.
Skinny Jeans are so yesterday. DIY look, fringes, patches or pearls. 2017, individuality and exceptionality are the motto.
Say good by to boring tops. Statement sleeves our shirts, dresses, pullovers and blouses – here I am! From trumpet sleeves to  frills or flounces; there is definitely no sign of boredom.
As far as accessories are concerned, chokers – like we all had them when we were little – waist belts and patches are what we love. And for the courageous among you, mesh tights make every outfit an eye catcher.




Colors and Patterns

Winter is over, which means our grey pieces can disappear into the depth of our wardrobes until next winter. Instead we want to give the sun a warm welcome. And what color could be better than yellow? You think you can’t wear it? That’s not possible. It goes with a lot of our favorite colors and EVERY skin tone and hair color.
Another super hot color: ready for spring baby blue. And why just stick to one piece, when you can wear it from head to toe? It also goes perfectly with white sneakers.
Pink is the new black. And here, too the motto is: the more the better. Combine it with various shades of pink or even red.
When it comes to this seasons’ patterns we show that we’ve earned our stripes. Vertical or cross stripes or simply both. Coco Chanel was the first to discover stripes for high fashion. Since than we have seen it time and again on the catwalks of the large fashion chains. Originally, it was used for fishermans’ uniforms.
Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. This year we like flowers all over. A sea of flowers. The smaller the prints the better – just like grandmas curtains. Combine different sizes and kinds of flowers but make sure to stay in the same world of colors.


Trend Colors 


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